Posted by: charityliz | March 17, 2014

Life is precious…and so is faith

This weekend I got to spend time visiting my parents and celebrating my mom’s birthday. It has been a wonderful time with her overall, but the weekend has also had some unexpected mixed emotions. This was the first time Jason and I were apart since getting married 7 months ago. Even though we had both already agreed that this would be a great weekend for me to spend time with my mom and for him to stay home and get some work done, we both found ourselves feeling sad to leave each other for the weekend as he dropped me off at the airport. But even in the momentary sadness, I was glad to experience that kind of love for each other. It’s a blessing to feel like I have a true partner and friend to walk with me through life–what a gift from God! And hopefully we’ll be around for each other for many years to come.  

Just a couple hours later, Mom picked me up from the airport and we spent the afternoon together, exploring a new coffee shop and just “toodeling around,” as she likes to put it.  Over lunch, she surprised me and presented me with my baby book, a work in progress for many years, now ready to hand over to me. We got to muse together, as I flipped through the pages, chuckling at the photos and hearing sweet tidbits about me as a little one from someone who was with me at the moment my life started. 

It was a great way to start the weekend; a sweet way to reflect on my mom’s birthday, the significance of her life and the special gift she is to me. I can’t imagine any of those pages in my baby book, or the many pages of my life that have come after, without my precious mom there to nurture and love me. I can see how God picked her specifically as the mother who would best love me. And this weekend, I find myself deeply aware of the blessing of spending this time with her and celebrating another year of life with her. I praise God for that gift and especially for the answered prayers that so many of us have prayed for her to have healing and life. I can hardly believe that it was over two years ago when we first found out she had been diagnosed with metastatic cancer. It’s been a journey since then, not without a fair share of challenges, but full of hope and God’s mark on my Mom’s life. And today, I’m grateful.

At the same time this weekend, we mourned the loss of a precious 4-year old boy who died from a drowning accident. We didn’t know him personally; he was the child of a couple with whom my brother and sister-in-law are close friends. After the accident happened last week, he was hospitalized with the hope that he would recover. My sister-in-law asked us to pray and kept us updated all week. In his mother’s brave words, she asked friends to “Please pray. And if you have no words. Cry. And if you have no tears. Sing. Or just Be Still and Know that He is God. and He is Good.” Unfortunately he didn’t recover, and he is now gone to be with his Father in Heaven. Even in their mourning, his mom and dad say they have this deep unexplainable peace, and they believe it is from that very same God who gave them their son, and then welcomed him into eternal life in heaven; that same God who they believe to be good. 

I don’t know why God didn’t answer prayers to heal that little boy, especially when it seemed that he still had so much life left to live. I’m not sure why God has granted me the years I have, or why He is miraculously sustaining my mother’s life. I can’t even imagine the sorrow that boy’s parents must be feeling and the ache in their hearts that may remain for years to come. But I am struck by their faith, a faith that is willing to recognize that God is in control, a faith that believes that He is good even when He allows such loss, a faith that holds so tightly to a loving Heavenly Father, that they feel the peace that cannot be explained any other way (even their doctor commented on how rare it is to see a family living with such peace).  I hope I can hold that tightly to faith as the heartaches of life are sure to come at some point. While I think on how easy and enjoyable it has been to thank God for the gifts He’s blessed me with this weekend, I’m also pausing to hope that my faith will hold tight.



Note: If you want to be inspired and touched, read that couple’s blog about their experience with their son this past week. It is raw and real, and it might even bring you to tears (like it did for me).  It’s also short and worth the read.



  1. So glad that you got to spend the weekend with your mom. She is truly a gift. Hearing about Soren and his parent’s faith has given me pause this week as well. Love you!

  2. Thank you for such an uplifting and heartfelt testimony. You inspire me to be a better person.

  3. Charity,
    The blog about the 4year old was inspiring. My prayers are with the family and hopes that if I were in the same place that my testimony would be as faithful and strong. To God be the Glory.

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