Posted by: charityliz | August 3, 2014

the journey continues

A year ago today, I married the man I love. I loved him then, but I love him even more now. Of course, life always has challenges and we certainly had to support each other through a few this year…but the things I remember most when I think about this year truly are wonderful, and I feel blessed. It turns out that God new Jason would be a good man for me even before I knew all of what would make him such a wonderful husband!

Tomorrow, we not only begin our second year of marriage, but a new chapter in our lives. As we leave the Bay Area, I’m filled with deep gratitude for so many friends that have made this place home for Jason and I. I’m thanking God for providing such a wonderful experience when I moved to the Bay Area all by myself four years ago; and I’m trusting that the same God will be faithful to provide all I need as I move to another new place. And while I’m feeling sad to go, I’m thankful that I won’t be going alone this time.

To my dearest Jason,
I can’t think of a better partner to journey to Texas with than you, and I’m looking forward to continuing to share life together, no matter where God leads us. I love you always!



  1. May the Lord continue blessing and working in your lives. Happy Anniversary!!!!
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  2. Such a sweet, sweet testimony. How amazing is our God! Is He ever good!

  3. Hey, for the record, I had Dad send the text yesterday morning! Happy anniversary, my dear. I just can’t believe a year has flown by already. I almost can’t absorb how much your life has changed every 5 years! What will the next 5 bring? I can confidently say more of God’s goodness & mercies.

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