Wiving & Thriving

While I am happily (and newly) married now, I can’t help but feel that life was just more interesting and worth writing about when I was Single & Thriving. You know, I was like a brave, confident pioneer — treading a trail where few women had been– single, in my thirties and totally determined to thrive.  Now one thing has changed.  I’m married.  But that has somehow seemed to change everything.  Instead of a uniquely single&thirties status, I’m now a blasé married woman and I expect nothing will become particularly notable about my life until I can claim that I’ve thrived through many many years of marriage…or maybe it gets more interesting when adorable and quotable kids are added to the mix… or if my husband and I move to Paris and l get to live the illustrious life of an expat!  But I digress…  Either way, I find myself unable to assume that my life is as interesting as it once was to the “world out there” But despite that fact, I’ve decided that, interesting or not, I want to continue to write about my life and the season I’m in now.  Jokingly, my husband suggested that I change my “Single & Thriving” blog to a “Wiving & Thriving” blog, and for lack of a better idea, that’s what it is.
But let me make it perfectly clear that I am not claiming to have completely achieved the status thriving wife, nor will I be preaching. I feel like a complete rookie at this and I’m in no place to give advice!  However, I think the title still appropriately fits part of my aspirations for life at this stage…which is that I would live into my new role as a wife (i.e. life partner to the man I love very much), and with the help of God and friends, I would strive to thrive, even if I don’t always (and may rarely) hit the mark.  While marriage is quite a joyous and fun adventure, I must say that this reality already seems to be more challenging and complicated than being single…and so, I’m sure thriving will take just as much effort and tenacity, if not more.  May my stories be vignettes that make that reality more relatable.
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